Finished cleaning

The new parts drawers

I bought myself a birthday present, even more parts drawers. You can see the original ones (lower set on the left) as they’re a slightly different blue, but I decided what the hell, I’ll just buy the local distributor out of the last of their stock. There were a couple of casualties in shipping (mostly the really big drawers), but only had to toss one (and deal with cracks in one other).

After much sorting, labelling, divider gluing and generally going “what the heck should I call that”, I’ve emptied all my little flip top bins, and now have well over a 100 little drawers of awesomesauce (yes it’s a word, just added to the OED).

I’m sure I’m the only person that stresses about what kind of label (Avery 02209; removable) to use, or even what font (Source Code Pro, lower case). Have to say I’m glad I hunted for the right label. They’re the right size, and as they’re the removable style, easy to peel off if you make a mistake.

What does your parts cupboard look like?