Decided I would re-purpose some drawer units I had in the garage into the electronics storage. Quite a few things I own are too big for my existing method of flat storage boxes; especially some of the nuts/bolts/screws type items which I kept in the garage anyway.

Cleaning Storage Drawers

So, I relocated the drawer units in from the garage and gave them all a good wash. It’s amazing how dusty/cobwebby (is that a word?) it is in the garage. 20+ yr old labels needed cleaning off, but they seem to come off with some soaking. Some of the drawers I’ll continue to use for their original purpose (small nuts/bolts/screws/standoffs/grommits), but there are a few things that just don’t fit in my flat boxes very well (heatshrink, feet, stuff like that) that I’ll transition over.

These [Integrated Plastics Add-a-Drawer] really are the best drawer units I’ve ever come across, and I’m still kicking myself for having given away a bunch of them to the local college when I moved 12 years ago; oh well. Apparently Tenaquip still sell them even though the original company that made them is long gone; maybe I’ll buy another unit to add to what I have already, for now I’ll just keep an eye on Craigslist/Kijiji in case someone is selling some. If anyone does have any and they’re interesting in giving them up, give me a buzz…

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