Update to the Serial Gauge

It’s been 8 months since I started selling on Tindie, and in that time I’ve managed to sell more serial gauges than I expected. I have received a little feedback from some of the purchasers, and based on that I’ve updated the software that drives the gauge to enhance a couple of things. The library now contains optimizations to use direct port mode, and main software has an option to set an initialization point. If you’ve got an old gauge, you can download the updated code from GitHub.

I’ve been thinking is there anything I want to add to this project? ¬†Should I start a new project? What should I build? I know no one reads this blog, but if you’ve got ideas, please pass them along.


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  1. Hi Boffin,

    Great blog and also good material on github. BTW I needed the schematic as I got an extra resistor and one less cap in the kit from Tindie. Nothing $1 wont fix down at jaycar.

    Good stuff, I am attempting to retro fit an old land rover speedo…

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